July 17, 2013

6 months. Just please!

 Oh hey there.
 You have arms too?
 Let's plaaaaaaaaay!
 Ok, you can get off my chair now. But let me yank your tail first.

This is the first month Cal has really noticed the sock monkey. It was really funny to watch him play with it. And since then, it's become a favorite toy of his. He gnawed on a foot today, which should say a lot, but he gnaws on everything these days so I guess it just means he's accepted the sock monkey into the fleet. 

 My god. He's cute.

 No more mom!
 I'm done with this!
Ooh wait, give me that!

We got a new cover for our ikea chair and put it in Calvin's room. I got rid of the rocker because it's not like it helped him fall asleep or anything, and this chair is so much more comfortable. I'm not sure if we'll get a new rocker or not, for now the big-bulky-semi-ugly ikea chair works just fine. And I can back into it half asleep in the middle of the night and know I'm not going to fall out of it. 

This kid. Oh I just love him so! He's becoming a ton of fun! But also a lot of work. He doesn't nap as long, and needs a lot more attention when he's up. Kids do get harder as they get older huh? What happened to my sleepy tiny baby? He's long gone! 

I mean, just look at how much he's grown!
At six months:
  • He's now in a big boy tub. Ok, it's a blow up duck, but he has to sit in it, instead of lounge like he did in his other tub.
  • Sits for almost a minute at a time.
  • Has the shrillest scream I've ever heard. He especially likes to use it in public.
  • Rolls all over. But loves rolling most onto his stomach at night while he's asleep, which I hate. I wake up all panicked that he's suffocated because his face is literally smashed up against that mattress. Now I know why they make those mattresses so hard.
  • Coos all the time. Plays with his lips. Cries if he can't see me. He's become quite vocal in the last month.
  • Can hold his weight standing. We can prop him up on an ottoman and he can stay there for a bit.
  • Moves those legs like crazy when he's on his tummy, I foresee crawling in our near future (heaven help me)
  • Absolutely loves getting kisses from Jazzy. Milo is still uninterested in him. 
  • Eats solids! Oh man has his poo gotten smelly. Yuck! But he looooooooves food. Loves. We started him on bananas, and he loves just about any fruit we introduce to him. Mangoes are by far the stand alone favorite. Then plums/prunes and berries. I'm lazy and don't make his food. We buy a lot of plum organics, which are awesome! And they taste really good!
  • Is back in disposables. I barely have time to keep up on regular laundry, let alone diaper laundry. I loved cloth diapering but I just wasn't committed enough. I feel like I've failed, but at the same time I'm really relieved. I buy chlorine free diapers to ease my conscience a bit. I hate creating so much trash and throwing away money with every diaper, but not enough to go back to cloth. Plus Cal was having bad diaper rash issues. If I were to do it all over again (and I might) I'd go the natural fiber route. It seems to be much easier to clean, doesn't have stink issues and is still great for baby.
  • Gnaws and chews on everything. Sophie has become a favorite toy, which I give him often because it hurts when he chomps on our fingers! Ow Charlie! Alas no teeth have cut through yet (!!!)
  • Is one terrible sleeper! My midwife told me night nursing is really great for keeping my milk supply going, so I'm torn between sleep training him and us all getting more sleep, and keeping my supply up, which is so critical with me working. I think I'll try some gentle sleep training methods at 7 or 8 months if he hasn't figured it out yet. Unfortunately, Cal goes from 0 to 40 without much in between. He doesn't have much of a fussy cry. It goes straight to screaming, which makes the prospect of sleep training terrifying and also exhausting.
  • Has met his cousin Kassidy, great auntie Ellen, and grammy and grampy Spaulding. He is still a huge fan of the ladies (any lady, seriously). In fact, if he's grumpy while we're out and sees a lady make eyes at him, he'll perk right up and give her a big ol' grin. He's already a flirt at 6 months. Oh boy.
We sure love this little guy. He has quite the personality, and we love seeing more and more of it each day. But golly! Slow down kid! He's growing so fast!

I'm kind of proud of myself. I had such a hard time breast feeding that I made it a goal to make it to 6 months. If I could just make it 6 months, I would feel like I did my duty. Welp, I made it! And we're still going strong! I drink mother's milk tea on the daily, pump while I'm at work and everything seems to be going great! I have come to love breast feeding. Like a lot!

As Cal gets bigger and becomes more active, it's nice to take a break every few hours and get some snuggles while feeding him. And really, he still prefers my milk over food, which I like. Now I want to make it to a year for sure, and maybe beyond, we'll see. As much as I've come to love breast feeding, I'd like to have my body back for a bit and not have to worry about guzzling water, gobbling calories and getting engorged if he sleeps for more than three hours. Breast feeding is such a labor of love. Seriously.


  1. He is such a cutie! So photogenic. And way to go for breastfeeding...I am still so scared of it lol.

  2. First of all...this pictures are seriously too much! He is so cute! I love when friends' babies hit six months because then it is so much easier to the little personality their parents keep talking about (if that makes sense.) He is adorable! Also- labor of love...well put! Terrified of nursing this next baby. Know it's worth it...yet also know it's a sacrifice. It is always so nice to hear other moms struggling with it and yet working through it, motivates me!


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